Campaign | Fall-Winter 2023

The treasure: Story of an almost abandoned house and memorial objects

She left without saying anything, without expecting anything from us or from the birds that enchanted her solitary days. She was already far away, but everywhere in this house where she spent her life. Her planters were a flowery wasteland, abandoned but more alive than ever. Its rosebushes were married to the hedge of laurels, entwined in a single movement. The floor tiles bore the marks of the daily passages from the kitchen to the living room. Like a tiling inhabited by the memory of his presence. And there was this drawer in the bedroom dresser, where she had accumulated her memories, her memorabilia, her watches that had stopped in time, her franc notes, her bakelite buttons, her old card games, her family portraits. The treasure was there, made up of the layers of her life and the one she gave us