How to wear the bandana

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The bandana is the cotton scarf that we have all worn before, but which has long been forgotten in the back of the closet.

Parade moismont bandana

Rock, hip-hop, western… there is no lack of inspiration. You took your red bandana to the Bayonne ferias, and you don't know what to do with it now? Follow the guide for a quick tour of the possibilities of wearing this scarf that always comes back in fashion.

The bandana in the hair

As you know, the scarf is absolutely sublime when worn as a hairstyle, tied in the hair in different ways.

The headband bandana - Moismont

The first way to wear your bandana is to use it as a headband or turban. Rolled thin, you can also use the bandana as a traditional headband.

If you have long enough hair, spice up your ponytail or bun by rolling the bandana around the ponytail or bun.
You can also replace the third strand of your braid with a rolled up bandana.

It is tied at the bottom of the neck on the side for a corsair style.

Moismont corsair tricolor bandana

The bandana and the men

Gentlemen, do not think that the bandana is exclusively reserved for women. Here are some ideas for tying this iconic scarf.

How to wear a men's bandana - Moismont

A bit nostalgic? You can decide to wear it like the cowboys of the Western, that is to say, folded into a triangle and tied behind the head.

The bandana as a retro accessory

Wear the bandana around the hat - Moismont

Here are some very nice little styles that allow you to dare the bandana discreetly. It is possible to
wear the bandana on the wrist
cuff but also around the

As a replacement for laces for
embellish your shoes with a touch of color. Or even rolled up
around the handle of your handbag.

And for more class, consider replacing your bandana scarf with a silk scarf!

As you will have understood, the scarf is the perfect accessory to boost your hairstyles and your outfits. Every day your hairstyles and looks are energized with a scarf.

Wear bandana thumbs up Moismont

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