Our gift ideas for Valentine's Day

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If on Valentine's Day some offer flowers, at Moismont, we prefer a warmer gift.
This year, Valentine's Day was an opportunity for us to unveil a preview of a selection of 15 pieces. You will find them from March in our spring-summer 2019 collection.


A mixed selection: a gift that we offer (to ourselves)

If we have chosen a mostly mixed collection, it is because we know that scarves, squares, bandanas are accessories that we like to borrow and exchange.

As a couple, it is not uncommon to see your favorite scarf disappear from the coat rack at the entrance and appear around the neck of your other half. Our best advice is therefore to offer an accessory that you too would like to be able to wear.

Scarves, scarves and accessories are useful, pleasant and sensory gifts. Worn close to the neck, they are in contact with our skin, soak up our perfume, are recognizable by everyone.

It is therefore necessary to choose the right scarf, scarf or accessory according to its color, its material but also its shape.

How to choose between a scarf and a neckerchief?

Scarves are timeless, timeless and essential accessories. They can bring color, softness or warmth to any outfit.
In summer, the scarf becomes a sarong. Depending on its transparency, its patterns and its color, we play on the pleated, the folded to create effects.

The scarf, smaller and square in shape, is worn closer to the neck, tighter. It can also be worn tied in the hair or around the waist instead of a belt. More worn in spring and summer, the scarf is often at Moismont in cotton or silk. There are, as with the scarf, many ways to tie it.

As for the color, if you want to offer a scarf or a scarf, think that this one agrees with the color of the hair of the person who wears it. There is no proscribed color for a type of hair, but colors that illuminate more than others.
In summer, we recommend lively or pastel colors to emphasize the tan and the complexion of the skin.

Colour, shape, function, materials... However, there is no perfect guide to choosing the ideal model. The important thing is that you like it and look like you. For the rest, all you have to do is choose and please yourself.

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