Campaign | Fall-Winter 2022

Constellations: stars, moons and other peasant-cultivator beliefs

This Constellations collection recounts this intimate bond that is woven between the grower and nature, returning to the origins of the brand: the family orchard of the Moismont estate. From the outline of a flight of birds in the sky to the position of the moon, the language of nature is made up of multiple signs. These signs accompany the peasant-cultivator on a daily basis towards better harvests, between superstitions and beliefs. Landscape colors recount the orchards of Moismont, from apple green to wood lichen, energized by warm hues, from March sand to yellow amber. Like color-signs, the revisited primaries explore the world of gambling and chance. The king-of-the-peak red dialogues with faded yellow-green and blue jeans tarnished by the sun. And then there is this invitation to look at the stars, through harmonies of lunar lands, awakened by waves of celestial fuchsia. Graphically, the collection intersects with the world of games: chessboards, cards and other modules, with an almost constructivist writing, composed of typographic forms including the monogram "M" of Moismont. Other drawings evoke meteors and mineral textures, and invite us to stroll on maps of the sky as on the plots of the orchards of Moismont.