Spring-Summer 2024

From the legendary and sacred rivers of India, to the mysterious and cultivated wetlands of Picardy, Moismont sets sail towards his imaginary country.

Water carriers from Indian and Picardy villages meet throughout the collection, recounting a fantasized rurality, and celebrating the well as a place of meeting and sharing. The gander browns and other terracottas intersect water in all its states: a blue-green well water, a monsoon gray and a storm blue.

The Indian pop universe punctuates the collection with lively shades, and praises scenes of everyday life. A bright basin pink mixes with the tarpaulin blue, a straw broom beige meets a basket green. Hand-woven checks revisit madras and gingham. The fishermen's nets and other meshes are interpreted in the form of intertwined graphic prints.

Lotus flowers float on light cotton fabrics, available in prints and embroidery. Around them, a colorful range made of holy water pink, mirror gray, water lily purple and pistil yellow, tells the mystery of the waters and invites us on an infinite journey.