Campaign | Spring-Summer 2022

The flight of the landscape: History of summer correspondences.

Retracing the path of a summer, furtive encounters on the beach, seasonal friendships. Remembering the landscapes of the North, the beds of seaweed, seagrass and wheat from the fields of the hinterland. Forgotten postcards, found in a drawer where the memories of our summer loves accumulate, of our assumed sunburns, of failed sand castles. The wefts of lines of writing, travel diaries or other vacation notebooks are transformed into light weaves, ready to welcome a new story. And then there is what our parents and grandparents told us about the 70s, a carefree, a wind of freedom. Pop-inspired fabrics, hippie waves, camping stripes, as an invitation to hit the road. These pop resurgences are dressed in nomadic colors: motorhome orange, blue-violet inkwell, ecru old paper, aqua green, clay ocher.