Products & Inventory

 Can an out-of-stock item become available again?

The products offered for sale by MOISMONT are valid as long as they are visible on the site within the limits of available stocks. If they are no longer visible, it is out of stock.

However, you have a chance that they are back in stock. On each product page out of stock (on the site in French version only) there is a button: "Notify me if this product is back in stock"

This button will allow you to create an alert and inform you directly if your product is back in our stocks following a return of goods.

How to maintain Moismont products?

We advise you to wash your item by hand and in cold water as indicated on the composition label. All our products are made of natural fibers (wool, cotton, cashmere, silk) so a delicate wash prevents the fibers from being damaged.

I would like to know more about Moismont?

In 2005, Martine met Poonam, who introduced her to the wonders of her country: India. From their travels and their friendship is born the meeting of a still unknown culture.

Thus in 2012, in Moismont, a vast Picardy agricultural residence, Martine Nicolaï decided to create an accessory uniting her family and friends. For her daughter living in Delhi, her brothers cultivating their apple orchards and her friends living between Paris and Tokyo, there is an accessory that everyone likes to wear, borrow and treasure: the scarf.

Since then, our products have been made in India in the Indian tradition. All the pieces are designed in France and offer the refinement that everyone needs. Among these pieces we find the iconic scarves and scarves to which are added bandanas, silk squares, plaids.

In 2018, we expanded our range of creations with shirts and tunics; and this year we also added dresses and bags! During the creative process, Martine plays on solids and voids between lines and squares, chromatic invasions and deep flat tints. A bit of India, a bit of France, lots of love and details that make Moismont unique.

Could I find out more about Moismont products?

A season at Moismont is punctuated by a hundred pieces, all numbered and produced by hand, in limited editions.

In summer, the pieces are 100% cotton to resist salt and sand, warm up cool evenings and bring color to outfits.

In winter, they are made of wool and/or cashmere, soft and warm to face the wind and protect from the cold.

Between an extended scarf and a scarf tied around the neck, at the waist or in the hair, we quickly identify the refinement of the composition. Blue marries brown, green embraces purple, orange teases pink... A whole world of colors is being created, a whole palette explored by the Moismont universe.