The cotton bandana

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Moismont striped orange cotton bandana

Tied around the neck or in the hair, the cotton or silk bandana sublimates your outfits and your hairstyles. Present at numerous parades, brought up to date by the stars. It has become an indispensable and very popular fashion accessory in Western countries.

But where does it come from?

The origin of the cotton bandana

Moismont blue cotton bandana

Its name comes from the Hindi word "bandhana" which means to tie, to tie. The term was later simplified by the English to "bandana". This small square of cotton or silk fabrics has crossed time and continents.

Originally worn, folded into a triangle tied behind the head, by cowboys in the American West to protect their noses from dust and sandstorms when accompanying their herds. There was a time when the cotton bandana was also used to hide the faces of criminals during thefts, long before the balaclava or nylon stockings.

We then find it rolled on the forehead and tied behind the head of the hippie generation in the 70s with very colorful and flowery patterns. It's the era of long hair for girls and boys, of flower power.

Leonardo Di Caprio wearing a cotton bandana - Moismont

The arrival of the cotton bandana in France

Moismont green cotton polka dot bandana It took until the 1980s to see the cotton or silk bandana arrive in France. It is then worn pirate or privateer style tied on the head to hold the hair. It was popularized by pop singer Madonna, but also made hip hop history with Tupac and Aaliyah.

The cotton or silk bandana adapts to all styles. It is not exclusively reserved to adorn our necks.
When it does not replace a belt or a jewel, it also seeps into our hair, melted into a braid, around the wrist or ankle.

Don't hesitate to take a look at our selection of Moismont cotton bandanas and find the one that will go with all your looks.

Discover here our tips for wearing it in an original way.

Cowboys wearing a cotton bandana

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